Ethan Senger in the press

Ethan Senger uses warm mature vocals and engaging guitar lines to captivate with his single ‘One Night’. The track blends a number of melodic elements for an enjoyable sonic experience. The power of the vocal performance and guitar lines will make you think Senger is much older than his 20 years.” - Claudia

The Other Side Reviews

"Love Gets Me Nowhere" is a very well executed pop-rock by American singer-songwriter Ethan Senger. The highlight for the beautiful and well-posted voice of Ethan, who conducts the music with pop mastery inspired by artists like John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls. Born in Woodstock, Georgia, Ethan is an artist who is ready for the market, his music is light (but stronger) and hits the listener in a certain way. It's pop, and it's very well crafted! I'd like to hear more about Ethan's music.”

— Brain Productions Booking

Indeed, the song expresses very well what is put in the presentation text. The mature characteristics of the guitar and vocal riffs do not seem to sound like a young man of only 20 years old. With a true pop rock sound, the influences, especially by John Mayer, are very clear and we can identify, not only in composition, but also in arrangements and musical production. We congratulate you on your first release! May you be very successful, as you are very talented.”

— Mundo Independente

I love the gentleness of the guitar in this. It really pulls you in right when it starts. This singer has an unbelievable soothing voice. I was hanging onto every word he was saying. He puts great emotion into his voice. The way he holds certain words brings chills down my spine. Seriously this singer has an exceptional sounding voice. I can see this being a big hit for him. Loved the whoa parts also. The guitar and song is just beautifully done.”

— ReverbNation

The opening track and lead single of the EP is ‘One Night’ which starts the project with beautifully chorused guitar, before the bass and drums enter, driving the track forward. Ethan’s voice is immediately captivating with a warm and rich tone quite literally to die for.”

YMX, Your Music Experience, London, UK

His vocals are beautiful. There's a strong resonance about his voice that's so evocative. The melody is so pretty also, the whole song is gorgeous actually. The lyrics are creative and interesting. It's his voice that "makes" the song though-- haunting and really sticks in your head and very distinct and different. I'd love to hear a whole album by him.”

— ReverbNation